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Gravite.io stands as a beacon for businesses aiming to harness actionable insights from their vast pools of data, streamlining the journey from data collection to strategic decision-making.

Its adeptness at deciphering customer feedback and interactions across varied channels is further empowered by integrating with Zendesk, a premier customer service and engagement platform. This strategic union facilitates the direct importation of support tickets and customer service interactions from Zendesk into Gravite.io. By doing so, it lays the groundwork for in-depth analysis, enabling businesses to dissect these interactions based on several dimensions, such as issue severity, customer demographics, or resolution effectiveness.

This level of analysis promises a more nuanced understanding of customer needs and service performance, paving the way for enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to use

Embracing the Gravite.io and Zendesk integration equips organizations with a robust framework for elevating their customer service strategy through data-driven insights. Here’s how to leverage this integration effectively:

  1. Automated Data Importation: Activate the integration to ensure that all customer interactions and support tickets from Zendesk are automatically transferred into Gravite.io. This ensures a comprehensive dataset is available for analysis, capturing every facet of the customer service experience without manual data handling.
  2. Detailed Segmentation: Within Gravite.io, take advantage of the ability to segment the imported data meticulously. By categorizing data based on specific variables such as ticket status, customer feedback, or support agent performance, businesses can tailor their analysis to uncover insights relevant to their strategic goals.
  3. Comprehensive Analysis: Deploy Gravite.io’s analytical prowess to mine the segmented data for patterns, trends, and insights. Whether identifying common customer issues, assessing the effectiveness of resolution strategies, or evaluating support team performance, the platform’s advanced analytics unveil actionable intelligence to drive service improvement.
  4. Strategic Application of Insights: Convert the insights gleaned from the analysis into concrete actions aimed at refining the customer support journey. From optimizing support workflows to personalizing customer interactions and beyond, the insights serve as a guide for continuous improvement in service quality and customer engagement.

By integrating Gravite.io with Zendesk, businesses not only enrich their analytical capabilities but also enhance their operational efficiency and customer service quality. This powerful combination unlocks the potential to deeply understand and respond to customer needs, fostering a proactive and insightful customer service culture that stands as a competitive advantage.

How to setup

Go to your workspace ➜ integrations ➜ Click on “Add integration”

NB: Make sure you are logged into you Zendesk Workspace

Now you can access all your support tickets in the “Feedback” section, synced with customer data from your CRM

NB: only available if you made an integration with your CRM

You can analyze the content of all your support tickets to reveal customer pain points, trending topics, customer satisfaction etc… into the “Reveal” Section

Here you go !

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