with Gravite elevates the capability of businesses to glean actionable insights, making it a cornerstone for data-driven decision-making.

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Overview elevates the capability of businesses to glean actionable insights, making it a cornerstone for data-driven decision-making. Specializing in analyzing vast arrays of data, including customer feedback from diverse communication channels, it streamlines complex data analysis processes.

The integration with Intercom, a leading customer messaging platform, significantly enhances’s repertoire by enabling the seamless capture of chat conversations and support tickets. This collaboration empowers businesses to conduct detailed analyses of customer interactions and support queries within, segmented by various criteria such as customer demographics, issue type, or support outcomes.

This detailed, data-centric approach ensures businesses can refine their customer service strategies and enhance overall customer experience based on solid, actionable insights.

How to use

The and Intercom integration provides a comprehensive solution for capturing, segmenting, and analyzing customer interaction data. Here’s how businesses can maximize the benefits of this integration:

  1. Seamless Data Capture: Automatically import chat conversations and support tickets from Intercom into This process ensures that every customer interaction is captured in real-time, providing a complete dataset for analysis without manual intervention.
  2. Advanced Segmentation: Within, users can segment the imported data based on specific criteria such as customer profiles, nature of the inquiry, support ticket outcome, and more. This segmentation allows for a focused analysis that can pinpoint areas for improvement in customer service and support.
  3. In-depth Analysis: Utilize’s analytical tools to delve into the segmented data. Identify common themes, customer sentiment, and recurring issues within chat conversations and support tickets. This analysis can reveal key insights into customer needs, satisfaction levels, and potential areas for service enhancement.
  4. Strategic Insights for Actionable Outcomes: Translate the insights derived from the analysis into strategic actions. Whether it’s optimizing response strategies, tailoring support solutions, or enhancing overall service delivery, the integration ensures that decisions are backed by comprehensive data analysis.

By leveraging the powerful combination of and Intercom, businesses can transform their approach to customer service and support. This integration not only provides a deep understanding of customer interactions but also equips businesses with the data needed to continuously improve the customer experience, ensuring that support efforts are both effective and efficiently targeted.

How to setup

Go to your workspace ➜ integrations ➜ Click on “Add integration”

NB : Make sure you are logged into you Intercom Workspace

Now you can access all your support tickets in the “Feedback” section, synced with customer data from your CRM

NB : only available if you made an integration with your CRM

You can analyze the content of all your support tickets to reveal customer pain points, trending topics, customer satisfaction etc… into the “Reveal” Section

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